Three sports flooring providers have merged to create the Icon Group, a construction group that specializes in flooring and lockers for athletic facilities and surfaces for equine and other animal applications. 

Abacus Sports Installations, based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania; Rubber Flooring Systems in Kemah, Texas; and Spec Athletic, based in Plainfield, Illinois, have merged under the Icon Group to establish a national presence.

"Many of our clients and partners are nationwide, and we feel that by building an infrastructure with people and products at its core, we can service our clients better," said John Gayhart, vice president of sales, Icon Group. 

Abacus Sports  has provided flooring solutions for collegiate athletics including Delaware, Millersville, and Shippensburg, Notre Dame and Penn State.

Rubber Flooring Systems (RFS Sports) has serviced the southern United States as flooring contractors for high school football teams and universities, such as University of Texas, Texas A&M, Clemson University, Louisiana State University, and Ole Miss.

Spec Athletic has designed sports surfaces for college football teams in the Midwest, including Big Ten weight rooms for Michigan State, Illinois, Iowa, Purdue,Michigan and Ohio State.

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